Monday, April 24, 2017

Pod People.. My Float Therapy Experience

My new home... this is where I live now
In the ultimate search for peace, quiet and mental clarity, I have decided to become a pod person. A sensory deprivation pod person, that is.  There are numerous benefits to this kind of therapy, I'm told. It can help with insomnia. Relieve muscle and joint pain. Help with anxiety and stress (my obvious goal). So I decided to jump in.. Or rather carefully slide in to seated position and lay back slowly, as my instructor instructed. 

Before thoughts: 
What the literal hell am I doing? I am about to enter a pod just large enough for my body, with no light or sound and 10 inches of water..for an hour. I'm internally freaking out before what is supposed to be the most relaxing experience of my life. Now, I've done my research, I'm a research girl, and apparently, in all the time of pod life, no one has died. That's a plus.  
Still, with the thought of death drifting out of my mind, I wonder about my search for mental clarity.  
What if I don't like what I find in my fully self aware head? I can get a little hefty up there sometimes. What if I start unpacking these thoughts and immediately want to pack that baggage back up? "Nope, not today issues. I'll try to tackle you again in another 30 years." 60 isn't too old to become mentally stable, right? 
Of course I can always just exit the pod if I don't like it. Maybe I won't think of anything of any consequence.. Maybe I'll be bored to tears.  
Suck it up woman and get in the pod.  

After all the directions and fancy buttons are explained to me, I get in the shower. This is mandatory to remove all the outside junk they don't want you bringing into the pod. There are ear plugs, a neck pillow (which I didn't use) and a spray bottle in case I get the water in my eyes. 

I get in the pod and close the hatch.. that sound alone is enough to have me wanting to call this whole thing off. It's loud and creaky and not as smooth as you would think it to be.
But once I am securely in my pod I start to relax. Now, I can't really explain everything that happened in there. It's kind of like an out of body experience. You have no sense of time. How long have I been here? 15 minutes? 50? You can't tell where your body ends and the water begins. I didn't move my legs the entire 60 minutes (which turned out to be 70 because I was early and the guy liked me. Thanks, Boo). I legit forgot I had legs by the end of my time.

I let my mind wander wherever it wanted to go. I found myself recalling facts from childhood that I had long forgotten. After a while I tried to clear my mind of all things and just listen to my breathing. It was intense. I can see how people say this could be an emotional experience. You could really use this however you wanted - to activate your brain and gather new ideas or work through a problem. Or, just let your mind go blank and completely relax. 

Automatically, the door opens when your time is up. You're greeted by cool air, which feels nice after being in a tub the exact temperature of your body. I laid there an extra minute just taking in the experience. My body felt shaky and kind of heavy when I stepped out and into the shower. Like when you wake up from the best nap of your life and your body feels new again. Skin feels like if a baby put on the most ridiculous fancy lotion ever.. like, really soft. Another shower and I am out the door.

So, would I do it again? Absolutely. It was an amazing experience which I think would only get better after doing more. I feel every time would be new, depending on where your head's at when you step in. If nothing else, it's relaxing as hell and I felt full of energy afterwards. That's enough to make me do it over and over. 

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