What can I say about myself that would really help people get me?

No clue. 

Say something witty, Jamie. Say something smart. Say something that resembles a complete sentence and will hopefully make some sense...

What am I allergic to? Pine nuts.. and the full spectrum of human emotion. 
I'm kidding, I'm actually ok with pine nuts. 

I guess I'll just say this..

Hi there! My name is Jamie.
I'm the writer of this here blog. I'm also the photographer, hence the lack of pictures or any photo of quality. 

I'm a book reading, carb loving, Netflix binging 30 year old, but really, who isn't?
I'm a makeup loving caffeine junkie with an affinity for office supplies, of all things. Seriously, a new notebook and cool pen and I'm in heaven.
I'll eat sushi 5 1/2 days out of the week if my budget would allow it.
Yes, I know how utterly basic I sound.

I love random facts... I've been told I'm full of useless knowledge. Compliment? Not sure if it's meant to be but I'll take it. Rather be full of useless knowledge then have non, right?

Basically, my ultimate goal is to find the perfect facetious one liner that completely sums up my life.

Join me, wont you?